How To Select A Pet Dog

Things to consider when adding a dog to your family.

Choosing the right dog is a decision you'll live with for many years, so give it some thought up-front. Here are things to keep in mind to select the right dog for you.


The ideal time to acquire a puppy is between six and eight weeks of age, to permit normal psychological development, since neither physical nor behavioral development is complete at this time.

The best guide to the puppy's future is its parent, and buyer should if possible select a puppy from known breeding stock.

The puppy should be normally plump, lively and free from obvious physical defects and extreme timidity.

For establishing a breeding stock, the prospective owner will often do best by acquiring a pregnant female of proven fertility.


Male dogs are usually larger than females, more active, and tend to wander more as adults.

Being less in demand, females are less expensive. Sexual cycles can be eliminated by spaying. The most desirable time to spay a female is after the first heat period as this will assure normal physical development.


The choice of dog breed depends on the use of the dog, and on your preference. All dogs require some kind of training and there is no breed that will make a satisfactory pet without it. Hounds and bird dogs (retrievers) and the new retriever mix breed known as Doodles (Goldendoodles and Labradoodles) are generally gentle with children and rarely get into fights with other dogs.

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